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Esoteric Philosophy: Study of the Endless Path of Wisdom

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"group consciousness, or environal awareness." TWM 338.

JC: Humanity has become ever more group conscious and indeed world conscious, "from the family unit to the world" perhaps it is inevitable that we have recently become more environmental conscious and aware of our group responsibility regarding the resources and kingdoms of nature. As a consequence of our world responsibility we as humanity are aiming to live a responsible life in a sustainable and economic way. This inevitably means pointing out our irresponsible and polluting ways. This as mankind becomes ever more conscious of the right handling of energy.

Climate and consciousness are inextricably linked at any given point in evolution. Expansion/stagnation in consciousness = Climate change () pos/neg. (proposed).

Climate and conditions are ruled by the third and first department, The Mahachohan, Master R (Regent of Europe, representing humanity), lord of civilisation and culture and intelligent energy the fifth principle. Also the Governor of the world, the Manu presiding over the evolution of the races, the mineral kingdom and the planet including atmosphere and climates.

*"Intermediary - Humanity itself. Self-consciousness
* Agent - The Lord of Civilization
* Expression - Intelligent love, dedicated to the Plan. Creativity. The will-to-good
* Planes of emphasis - The atmic or plane of spiritual will. The mental plane. The physical plane.
* Focal point - The throat center
* Planetary center - Humanity." EXT 164.

*"The Manu manipulates matter and is occupied with the evolution of form, whether it is the dense physical form of animal, mineral, flower, human being or planet, or the form of races, nations, devas or the other evolutions." LOM 167.

"[M]an’s size was reduced from 15 to 10 or 12 feet, ever since the third sub-race of the Aryan stock, which sub-race – born and developed in Europe and Asia Minor under new climates and conditions – had become European." SD 2:753.

Friends, the term sub race here may in this case mean a 'national race' or 'family race' of one precessional cycle approximatly according to some theosophical writers.
"the great Tropical year (25,868 years)" SD2 505.

HPB often says that we are in the
fifth subrace
9 – but what type of ‘subrace’ is she referring to? Consider the following passage:

Now our Fifth Root-Race has already been in existence – as a race sui generis and quite free from its parent stem – about 1,000,000 years; therefore it must be inferred that each of the four preceding Sub-Races has lived approximately 210,000 years; thus each Family-Race has an average existence of about 30,000 years. Thus the European ‘Family Race’ has still a good many thousand years to run, although the nations or the innumerable spines upon it, vary with each succeeding ‘season’ of three or four thousand years. It is somewhat curious to mark the comparative approximation of duration between the lives of a ‘Family-Race’ and a ‘Sidereal year.’10

She then says that each ‘family race’ (or what GdeP usually calls a ‘national race’) has an average existence of about 30,000 years (= 1/7 of 210,000), and she notes that a ‘family race’ lasts for about the same amount of time as a ‘sidereal year’, i.e. a precessional cycle.
13 HPB usually gives the length of a precessional cycle as 25,868 years, but she also says that 25,920 years is ‘the exact period of revolution of the heavens’14 – and this is the length GdeP assigns to both a precessional cycle and a national race.

Brothers, here is another highly pertinent point on changing climates. It reads that, technically speaking, each passing tropical year does change, in the extremely long process of the passing or 'dropping' of a sub race. Thus as the slowly but steadily refining consciousness and vehicles proceeds over an average period of 25,868 years so the earth's atmosphere refines to support the corresponding bodies. Larger fluctuations over 150-200 years of the industrial revolution are possibly aberrations to be accounted for. This could mean, possibly, that over a greater tropical year the co2 mix becomes more rarefied or pure with greater ozone levels in the longer term. I refer to the higher ozone of the Agni Yoga teachings and not of the brown gas in the lower currently polluted atmosphere in certain instances. This is a very generalised consideration of an important theosophical quote. There are many ramifications to this. Jeremy.

"Climates will, and have already begun, to change, each tropical year after the other dropping one sub-race, but only to beget another higher race on the ascending cycle ..." (SD 2:446).
"the tropical year or a period covering almost 26,000 years." Theos Gloss.
"the great Tropical year (25,868 years)" SD2 505.
"the tropical year of 365 days" SD1 390.

The crux of the question is that, has humans caused any lasting damage to the atmosphere and climate? Answer, I don't know at this time. Any consideration I have done has looked at a few issues considered in the occult teachings. I think that anything that man has done can be undone and probably therefore is not lasting or of crisis/disaster proportions. Points that may be considered could be,

A. Man can and does cause climate alterations by his activities.

B. Mans very consciousness is responsible for heating and cooling of the earth temp and atmosphere.

C. Earth as an atomic unit can adjust any changes i.e. [highs or lows], again indicating there can be highs or lows in temp, as we know.

D. That this whole topical issue is due to man's learning to use energy correctly. That this indicates the overall [very long process] of Earth transforming from being a "Dark Star" and Carbonic, to being a sacred planet, which DK states is so on the inner planes.

E. The shift taking place in the Earth's axis causing climatic changes per DK' 2117 letter causing confusion to astrologers, scientists and the public according to current media.

F. There is another point which needs addressing. Does HPB somewhere say that in the distant future the Ice caps will melt and reveal the land mass under? If this is so, why is the ice melt happening at this time, If it is? Or are these two scenarios quite unconnected in the larger picture and therefore only related in a lesser cycle if the former is accurate?

"This leads to definite changes and is responsible for much of the present chaos, turmoil and confusion. If you add to this the shift which is taking place in the earth's axis (indicated by the widespread climatic changes and earthquakes among other things) you have a situation which must cause much confusion to astrologers everywhere". 2117 DK Letter.

This is highly pertinent to the global recognition of climate change. Taking into consideration also that human material consciousness determined also climatic conditions according to DK and HPB we have a strong case for the obvious climate change observations. 09 January 2010

This is highly pertinent to the global recognition of climate change. Taking into consideration also that human material consciousness determined also climatic conditions according to DK and HPB we have a strong case for the obvious climate change observations. 09 January 2010

--- In, "Jeremy" jpcondick@ wrote:

In my mind we might also consider that when desire is burned out on Earth, then form life will end. However desire of humanity causes heating and cooling. I think, to the best of my inclinations that we are in a heating cycle and indeed Hilarion states we are in a fire cycle which I have pointed out many times. How humanity lives on earth will be conditioned by this. Thus the dependency on Carbon and resulting pollution and heating also.

Mars will come out of pralaya and create its own eco system over eons of time. Human manasic entities might transfer to Mars just as some will come from Mars to Earth, but it will be the egoic lotuses that will transfer not the forms. The forms will come later when a suitable atmosphere is created to sustain form life.

Yes, we need a greenhouse effect to live, but one that might be out of balance could result in increased infra red radiation being trapped in prematurely as the suns energy is not allowed to radiate back out through the upper atmosphere. Add to the atmosphere any other chemicals or pollutants and the friction caused by the solar radiation striking the atmosphere will increase significantly and result in positive feedback and runaway, in the extreme, greenhouse heating.

"A runaway greenhouse effect occurs if positive feedbacks lead to the evaporation of all greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. A runaway greenhouse effect involving carbon dioxide and water vapor may have occurred on Venus ". Wikipedia.

The greenhouse effect on Venus is the result of desire having burned out, as DK indicates, and thus form life having ended. Greenhouse gases and water vapour have burned out and evaporated and dense chemicals only are left, carbon and sulfur in high density. The manasic humanity is formless on Venus thus the atmosphere does not have to support form life.

Yes, humanity creates an atmosphere and when the form is removed the planet withers. But regarding the Moon, humanity was removed and the planet died absolutely as there were no manasic units left at all. The circulatory flow was rendered dead. As we know, Venus has maniac units and an atmosphere, but its one that would not support form life due to the acidic and carbonic nature of the atmosphere which is runaway collapse of a form life sustaining greenhouse effect.

A question might be, are skeptics on any current greenhouse eccentricities denying it is happening or that it could happen? Are we speaking of skeptics saying we should be warming or we are not warming or that we are the same as ever? Or just that man has no effect on climate? Man obviously has recognised that climate changes and we are warming and has looked to human activity. One debate might be, can human pollution cause chemical changes in the atmosphere. To a degree, yes it can and that is proven with cfc' So how else are we altering things, due to our activities? There is also a concern about thawing Siberian bogs releasing more of the greenhouse gas methane. This is much more potent and has been dealt with in the Agni Yoga teachings. However I cannot find the correct search to bring up the underground gases or azuro or similar, that will cause catastrophe to earth. Pity, as it would be informative.


10 January 2010

--- In, "Jeremy" jpcondick@ wrote:

Climates change and that is natural and DK advises a study of this subject with regards to racial consciousness and how this may effect changes in climates around the world. My own thoughts generally consider the global consciousness or group consciousness and how these effect out planet. Personally I don't think this leads to `earth mysteries' or the material and mystical school of thought not relevant to occultists. I accept climate variables and alteration. This could be a useful discussion indeed.

There is no question that there are climate changes and we have to adapt to it. Also jobs change or shift so I don't see a problem with employment variables due to eco responsibility. Neither do I see a problem when money is diverted away from large monopolies to eco resources as some are good. If the longer picture means a more responsible energy usage with more responsible concern for environment, then this in my view is a good direction and quite the reveres of the direction business, collateral and environment irresponsibility was going even fifty or a hundred years ago.

DK states that the selfish scientific personalities which were responsible for much of the industrial revolution brought conditions which were `deleterious' to humanity. So at least we are moving in a better direct even if slowly. There is no question that certain people or types will be here for the money that can be filtered off and the opportunity to do business. This is always the case so we do not endorse obvious inevitabilities. It is the general direction of energy efficiency and cleanliness that I support. There are those that will also manipulate or distort data either stupidly or wilfully but the general trend is not disturbed. We are going in the right direction and that is important.

Yes, volcanoes emit carbonic pollutants of course, and when humanity were inundated or the local environment was contaminated humans were destroyed or migrated to other zones. The ongoing axial shifts are still responsible for much earthquake and volcano activity and have according to DK much that will cause humans distress and disorientation. So climate change could just as easily be just these shifts. I certainly don't endorse bad science or buy the human global warming issue as fact. But I don't look at it sceptically either. Probably more as a hypothesis.

I think however it is an inevitable outlook one that DK indirectly points out and also serves as a positive step to cleaner living and a better understanding, relatively, of our environment. It doesn't matter if human understanding is imperfect or wrong, it does matter that the world group consensus is globally looking at human environmental responsibility. I think that this matters very much.

"It is interesting and saddening to note that that which at present goes out of the average house is the refuse that is undesirable - this is the correspondence to that which is selfish and sad and the demand for the satisfaction of personal needs and desires". EH 39/40.

How much more applicable is that today comparative to when it was written? The above can be applied to any waste product of human material consumption can it not? So I don't personally agree with you that the "environmental movement is based on fear" with an over focus on the form as you say. On the contrary, I think it is a healthy and sound idea to take on board. There are extremes in everything, yes, but the so called environmental movement is generally sound. I like your thought that zero carbon reduces humanity to the animals. Still pondering the possibilities on that.

I certainly don't think we have a runaway greenhouse effect as there is no evidence for it, and there is every possibility of earth correcting or settling into a stable axis and making adjustments to upper atmosphere. This will eventually happen and DK definitely says there are no great disasters predicted by hierarch for humanity. We ever take this on board and neither do I hold it against humanity for not having this information due to consciousness polarisation.

You do mention, among other points, "Say that [Earth] that is threatened, and you have a Very Easy Sell". I tend to see the more positive approach that DK makes regarding the carbon footprint, which you briefly mention. That is, really speaking I don't hold with your view of a "propaganda issue for economic control" just because humanity addresses the carbon footprint. DK also addresses that and I really do think it is commendable that humans are giving it some thought today, however imperfectly.

On new land opening up, how much has, and of what quality is it. The general depletion of top soil and even desertification and shift is more usually the concern, is it not? Hilarion gives a useful teaching on the moving coastline and we find this to be a natural enough phenomena, even if over fertilisation or pollution of arable land is prevalent and of man's own doing. Concretion or deforestation of the landscape is no substitute for good growing land.

Humanity is today rapidly coming to terms with this stupendous statement of the Master though they may know it not. The refuse produced by human beings is today at an unprecedented and alarming level compared to fifty or a hundred years ago even though greater or lesser proportions are recycled and reused. DK explicitly states that that which goes out of the house as refuse is undesirable and indicative of demand for "satisfaction of personal needs and desires" and that it is selfish and sad.

No doubt there will always be a small proportion of waste from a household though it is indicative that the proportionate levels of waste even then was unnecessary or reflective of how humanity should be living. This illustrates a great deal. Today humanity is at a crisis point, this is a good sign and there is hope for right decision. Man and woman currently consumes energy in vast quantities and this largely is achieved by the mining and production of coal, oil, gas and their allied products which are carbon based fossil fuels. These are some thoughts which invite our reflection.

10 January 2010