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Esoteric Philosophy: Study of the Endless Path of Wisdom

Fifth ray, USA, Thomas Jefferson, Duke d'Orleans

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Fifth ray, USA, Thomas Jefferson, Duke d'Orleans
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"It seals the union of the two nations who in conjunction can maintain exclusive possession of the ocean. From that moment we must marry ourselves to the British fleet and nation." Thomas Jefferson.
In many ways the Gemini and soul relation between these two countries was recognised shortly after this time and was historically documented by Thomas Jefferson, one of the 'committee of five' and an American founding father, in 1802. JPC.

JC: The Declaration of American Independence was signed in 1776 by its founding fathers. There are strong indications pointing to the influence of the Fifth ray of Concrete Knowledge facilitating a hand in the formation of the United States.

The lesser cycle of the fifth ray initiating its activity in 1775 is easily facilitated via the Aquarius ruling sign also with the fifth ray pouring through it. Some interesting indications of this influence at that time are here considered of the 'Seal of the United States of America' and 'Many uniting into one' or 'Out of many, one' with the Fifth ray word of power which is "Three Minds Unit."

There were initially thirteen states indicating the numerology of three uniting into one. The resolution drafted pertaining to the reasons for independence was composed of a committee of five, which is symbolic of the energetics of the fifth ray reflected in a pentagon.

"On the afternoon of June 10, 1776 the Second Continental Congress of America's Thirteen Colonies resolved to postpone until July 1st the final consideration of whether or not to declare independence (the Lee Resolution), and to appoint a Committee of Five, so in the meantime to draft a broadside statement to proclaim to the world the reasons for taking America out of the British empire, if Congress did so declare independence, after all". wikipedia.

"E Pluribus Unum" was suggested by the committee Congress appointed on July 4, 1776 to design "a seal for the United States of America."


The general meaning of each Latin word is clear:

Pluribus is related to the English word: "plural."

Unum is related to the English word: "unit."

E Pluribus Unum describes an action: Many uniting into one. An accurate translation of the motto is "Out of many, one"

JC: The Five Founding Fathers of America signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776. The members of the committee were: Mr. John Adams, Mr. Benjamin Franklin, Mr. Thomas Jefferson, Mr. Robert R. Livingston, and Mr. Roger Sherman. They were the founders of a federation who reacted to the second ray soul and also Aquarian fifth ray influence.

"Forget not that the soul of the people is represented by those who react to the influence of the soul ray and of the sign which is affecting it (its ascendant, one might say), whilst the masses are conditioned by the personality ray and therefore by the sun sign of the specified nation. DN 68.

Country/ Ruling Sign / Egoic Ray/ Ruling Sign / Personality Ray

USA/ Aquarius 11th/ Second / Gemini3rd/ Sixth

JC: The year 1775 was the start of a lesser cycle of the fifth ray, and the beginning 500 year cusp of the Aquarian Age though steadily gaining in strength since A.D. 1640. This would be indicated by the destructive processes needed to break down past Piscean influences and also of the climaxing period of strife and birthing between the fifth root race British Empire and the United States of America. In many ways the Gemini and soul relation between these two countries was recognised shortly after this time and was historically documented by Thomas Jefferson, one of the 'committee of five' and an American founding father, in 1802. [Although British naval protection was lost at the end of British rule the USA and UK soon fostered a new alliance in 1802 initiating the beginning of the soul relationship which exists to this day. 08 September 2004 23:22.

"Jefferson, the friend of France and sworn enemy of England, compelled to choose in the interest of America, never winced. “The cession of Louisiana and the Floridas by Spain to France,” he wrote to Livingston, the American minister in Paris, “works sorely on the United States. It completely reverses all the political relations of the United States and will form a new epoch in our political course.... There is on the globe one single spot, the possessor of which is our natural and habitual enemy. It is New Orleans through which the produce of three-eighths of our territory must pass to market.... France, placing herself in that door, assumes to us an attitude of defiance. Spain might have retained it quietly for years. Her pacific dispositions, her feeble state would induce her to increase our facilities there.... Not so can it ever be in the hands of France....

The day that France takes possession of New Orleans fixes the sentence which is to restrain her forever within her low water mark.... It seals the union of the two nations who in conjunction can maintain exclusive possession of the ocean. From that moment we must marry ourselves to the British fleet and nation.... This is not a state of things we seek or desire. It is one which this measure, if adopted by France, forces on us as necessarily as any other cause by the laws of nature brings on its necessary effect." Letters Of Thomas Jefferson 1743-1826. President Jefferson to the U.S. Minister in Paris, Robert Livingston. 1802.

Ray Five - Concrete Knowledge or Science - "Three Minds unite"

(This asserts the fact that the Universal Mind, the higher mind and the lower concrete mind are blended through the projected antahkarana.) RI 518.

Ray Five - In manifestation since 1775 A.D. EP1 26.

Jun 7, 2009

01/13/2007 01:07
Thomas Jefferson "medium of war"

JC: As you know I respect very much Thomas Jefferson and two and a half years ago [08 September 2004 23:22] was, I must say, fascinated by his account of France taking New Orleans. Equally so then, I am fascinated, and find highly significant, that he initiated Americas first and original "war on terror" in response to Muslim terrorist actions. I include further reference to this taken from the web which a short search will provide many hits. An account is also given by George Washington apparently. For context and perspective I have included from his personal letters, his actual views on other religions including Islam which are un biased and hold a true light of inclusiveness not confusing its original purpose and intention from its subsequent distortions theological and sectarian. However, he knew an attack when faced with one.

Please note the title given to chapter V taken from his own words! Some of his accounts speak of a coalition through a league of trading nations to end by force the great problem of the time. We should note that although British naval protection was lost at the end of British rule, USA and UK soon fostered a new alliance, perhaps the beginning of the soul relationship which exists to this day, much to the annoyance of many!

"The day that France takes possession of N. Orleans fixes the sentence which is to restrain her forever within her low water mark. It seals the union of two nations who in conjunction can maintain exclusive possession of the ocean. From that moment we must marry ourselves to the British fleet and nation." Letters of Thomas Jefferson 1743-1826.

When I read the letter of Thomas Jefferson, I must admit I was somewhat in awe of the occult volumes contained in the paragraphs therein. It certainly explains the American/French relationship of today. French Kings, Nouvelle Orleans, low water mark and all. 08 September 2004 23:22. JPC. 

Chapter V. "Will nothing rouse my country?" Jefferson's War: America's First War on Terror, 1801-1805, by Joseph Wheelan.

"The entrance for what might be regarded as cosmic evil was first opened in the decadent days of the Roman Empire (which was one reason why the Christ chose to manifest in those days), was opened wider under the corrupt regime of the Kings of France and, in our own day, has been opened still wider by evil men in every land." RI 753.

"Count de St. Germain—who brought about the just outbreak among the paupers, and put an end to the selfish tyranny of the French kings—the “elect, and the Lord’s anointed.” BCW 19 VI.

JC: My understanding of the Bourbon/Orleans line. From my studies, not all the orlean' were saints!
The City was named Nouvelle Orleans (New Orleans) in honor of Philippe II, Duc d'Orleans, the regent of France under French King Louis XV.
On the death of Louis XIV, the late king's five-year-old great-grandson was crowned king Louis XV of France and the then forty-one-year-old Philippe became Regent.
Philippe II, Duke of Orléans, Philippe Charles (August 2, 1674 - December 2, 1723) called Duke of Chartres (1674-1701), and then Duke of Orléans (1701-1723) was Regent of France from 1715 to 1723. His regency being the last in the kingdom of France, he is still commonly referred to as le Régent and his regency as la Régence.
Philippe was a professed atheist who read the satirical works of François Rabelais inside a Bible binding during mass, and liked to hold orgies on religious high holidays.
He is most remembered for the debauchery he brought to Versailles and for the John Law banking scandal.éans

"If, for instance, the energy of the fifth ray, which is the soul ray of the French nation". DN 58. 

USA - New Orleans - Duke d'Orleans and the fifth ray:
A psychic aggrege. French Kings, Nouvelle Orleans, low water mark and all! JPC.

From:  "Jeremy Condick" <jpcondick@b...>
Date:  Wed Sep 15, 2004  11:08 pm
Subject:  [CosmoCycles1] Seven Princes Of The Blood

Well, Thomas Carlyle has something to say on the matter.
The French Revolution
by Thomas Carlyle
D'Orleans,--for be sure he, on his way to Chaos, is in the thick of this,-- promulgates his Deliberations; (Deliberations a prendre pour les Assemblees des Bailliages.) fathered by him, written by Laclos of the Liaisons Dangereuses. The result of which comes out simply: 'The Third Estate is the Nation.' On the other hand, Monseigneur d'Artois, with other Princes of the Blood, publishes, in solemn Memorial to the King, that if such things be listened to, Privilege, Nobility, Monarchy, Church, State and Strongbox are in danger. (Memoire presente au Roi, par Monseigneur Comte d'Artois, M. le Prince de Conde, M. le Duc de Bourbon, M. le Duc d'Enghien, et M. le Prince de Conti. (Given in Hist. Parl. i. 256.))   In danger truly: and yet if you do not listen, are they out of danger? It is the voice of all France, this sound that rises. Immeasurable, manifold; as the sound of outbreaking waters: wise were he who knew what to do in it,--if not to fly to the mountains, and hide himself?
How an ideal, all-seeing Versailles Government, sitting there on such principles, in such an environment, would have determined to demean itself at this new juncture, may even yet be a question. Such a Government would have felt too well that its long task was now drawing to a close; that, under the guise of these States-General, at length inevitable, a new omnipotent Unknown of Democracy was coming into being; in presence of which no Versailles Government either could or should, except in a provisory character, continue extant. To enact which provisory character, so unspeakably important, might its whole faculties but have sufficed; and so a peaceable, gradual, well-conducted Abdication and Domine-dimittas have been the issue!
This for our ideal, all-seeing Versailles Government. But for the actual irrational Versailles Government? Alas, that is a Government existing there only for its own behoof: without right, except possession; and now also without might. It foresees nothing, sees nothing; has not so much as a purpose, but has only purposes..
On the 6th of November of this year 1788, these Notables accordingly have reassembled; after an interval of some eighteen months. They are Calonne's old Notables, the same Hundred and Forty-four,--to show one's impartiality; likewise to save time. They sit there once again, in their Seven Bureaus, in the hard winter weather: it is the hardest winter seen since 1709; thermometer below zero of Fahrenheit, Seine River frozen over. (Marmontel, Memoires (London, 1805), iv. 33. Hist. Parl, &c.) Cold, scarcity and eleutheromaniac clamour: a changed world since these Notables were 'organed out,' in May gone a year! They shall see now whether, under their Seven Princes of the Blood, in their Seven Bureaus, they can settle the moot-points.
To the surprise of Patriotism, these Notables, once so patriotic, seem to incline the wrong way; towards the anti-patriotic side. They stagger at the Double Representation, at the Vote by Head: there is not affirmative decision; there is mere debating, and that not with the best aspects. For, indeed, were not these Notables themselves mostly of the Privileged Classes? They clamoured once; now they have their misgivings; make their dolorous representations. Let them vanish, ineffectual; and return no more! They vanish after a month's session, on this 12th of December, year 1788: the last terrestrial Notables, not to reappear any other time, in the History of the World.
...Add Seven Princes of the Blood, it makes the round Gross of Notables. Men of the sword, men of the robe; Peers, dignified Clergy, Parlementary Presidents: divided into Seven Boards (Bureaux); under our Seven Princes of the Blood, Monsieur, D'Artois, Penthievre, and the rest; among whom let not our new Duke d'Orleans (for, since 1785, he is Chartres no longer) be forgotten. Never yet made Admiral, and now turning the corner of his fortieth year, with spoiled blood and prospects; half- weary of a world which is more than half-weary of him, Monseigneur's future is most questionable. Not in illumination and insight, not even in conflagration; but, as was said, 'in dull smoke and ashes of outburnt sensualities,' does he live and digest. Sumptuosity and sordidness; revenge, life-weariness, ambition, darkness, putrescence; and, say, in sterling money, three hundred thousand a year,--were this poor Prince once to burst loose from his Court-moorings, to what regions, with what phenomena, might he not sail and drift! Happily as yet he 'affects to hunt daily;' sits there, since he must sit, presiding that Bureau of his, with dull moon-visage, dull glassy eyes, as if it were a mere tedium to him.

JC: Add to that damning account that he engaged the convict and accused murder John Law financier to [who escaped] to solve the financial ruination [bled dry] of France, he promptly sent him to New Orleans [his city] to set up an amalgamation of various banks, finances and the corrupt east India company! The bemoaned dark satire of KH! 

Sep 15, 2004.

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