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Esoteric Philosophy: Study of the Endless Path of Wisdom

Embryo un-polarised

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Birth date of Jesus Christ
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Embryo un-polarised
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Hatred of the West
Buddhist Doctrine

"The "pull" of the Father." EH 427.  

JC: Speaking in symbols, the mother ever determines the guardianship of the Son, until the pull of the Father, in later life or evolution determines a response, and the son comes to know the Father, with all that that entails. Mother, matter, determines the initial pull unless the life force is to be a more positive or masculine expression.

"In this process of relationship between Father-Spirit and Mother-Matter the son comes into being, and during the child stage carries on his life processes within the aura of the mother, identified with her yet forever seeking to escape from her domination.

As maturity is reached, the problem intensifies, and the "pull" of the Father begins slowly to offset the possessive attitude of the mother, until finally the hold of matter, or of the mother, over her son (the soul) is finally broken.

The son, the Christ-child, released from the guardianship and clinging hands of the mother, comes to know the Father. I am talking to you in symbols". EH 427.

"the embryo of man... contains in itself the totality of the kingdoms of nature", -- SD2: 259

"So in simple terms, until 7 weeks, human embryos are genderless. At 7 weeks, they would default to female without the release of the hormones triggered by the presence of the Y chromosome. This leads to the common misconception that all human embryos start out female". Source(s): p. 11 of Why Boys Are Different, by Dr. Bonnie Macmillan, copyright 2004 by Barron's

JC: Can we conclude that embryo is initially 'unpolarised' here? By default though, they are female until the spirit, positive or Y determines otherwise.

"This work is as yet in embryo and the group consciousness is as yet so young and unpolarized". DINA1 28.

31 December 2009

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