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Esoteric Philosophy: Study of the Endless Path of Wisdom

Sixth Race Types and the Second Round

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Sixth Race Types and the Second Round
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The secret of the reptile kingdom is one of the mysteries of the second round, and there is a profound significance connected with the expression "the serpents of wisdom" which is applied to all adepts of the good law. The reptile kingdom has an interesting place in all mythologies, and all ancient forms of truth impartation, and this for no arbitrary reason. It is not possible to enlarge upon the underlying truth which is hidden in the karmic history of our planetary Logos, and is revealed as part of the teaching given to initiates of the second degree. TCF 893.

In our race we find the "lights which ever shine." This is the individualization of the sixth race types who came in in the second round." EP2 210.
In the next chain to ours on the evolutionary arc individualization will take place during the sixth race of the second round.
TCF 459.
Thus the Monads of Class 2 reach the incipient human stage only in the Second Round
. SD1 173.
The Second Round brought forth and developed two Elements -- Fire and Earth -- and its humanity, adapted to this condition of Nature, if we can give the name Humanity to beings living under conditions unknown to men, was -- to use again a familiar phrase in a strictly figurative sense (the only way in which it can be used correctly) -- "a two-dimensional species
." SD1 251.
A condition of nebulosity of a pronouncedly volatile condition, marked the first round and race. Movement, and the accompaniment of heat, is their distinguishing quality, much as in System I, but in the second round, and also in the second race, a definite cohesion is noticeable, and form is more clearly recognizable in outline.
TCF 579. 
JC: Second round, second race a definite cohesion took place regarding the human form with individualisation taking place in the sixth race for what are now highly advanced Initiate humans.
These other alchemical workers are concerned with the liquid action of divine manifestation. They work, therefore, in cooperation with the devas of the waters, or liquid substance ... The history of the second round; this secret when revealed will make clear why man (under the law) should be a vegetarian
and not carnivorous. TCF 932.
"From the second Round, Earth -- hitherto a foetus in the matrix of Space -- began its real existence: it had developed individual sentient life, its second principle
. The second corresponds to the sixth (principle); the second is life continuous, the other, temporary." SD1 260.
In the second round and the second root-racetouch
was evolved. TCF 351.
The second Ray only came into power in the second round
. TCF 426.
JC: The Tibetan DK remarks that those advanced humanity which posses of a consciousness equal to that of the coming sixth race of this fourth round of "strictly human races" indeed individualised in the second round as jelly like astral/etheric though condensing more like men, later becoming more solid and human though crawling on the ground as do our reptiles and serpents. The individualised lesser "serpents" who "scarcely felt" the vibration of SK are now the serpent Initiates under the rule of Sanat Kumara our planetary Logos who is called "The Living Serpent". The mystery is that man as second round reptile like form even with somewhat s
errated skin, took sustenance from the vegetable kingdom with all taking their physical vitality from the watery element as the vegetable kingdom does today. Each kingdom serves the next and the vegetable kingdom serves the animal form of man of the second and fourth round. Here we have a physical and also a psychic connection. 
The heavenly serpent manifested, being produced out of the egg, and began its convolutions, gaining in strength and majesty, and producing through its immense fecundity millions of lesser "serpents." The reptile kingdom is the most important part of the animal kingdom in certain aspects, if such an apparently contradictory statement can be made. For all animal life can be seen passing through it during the prenatal stage, or returning to it when the form is in advanced decomposition. The connection is not purely a physical one, but it is also psychic. When the real nature and method of the kundalini, or serpent fire, is known, this relation will be better understood, and the history of thesecond round assume a new importance
. TCF 894.
As stated in various occult books, many of the present advanced humanity individualized on the moon chain, and only took physical bodies in the earth chain during the fourth root-race, thus escaping incarnation during the first three rounds
, and the first two races of the fourth round. TCF 365.
"This the soul does through the medium of five stages, steps or initiations which are the correspondence in the interior life of the soul to the five stages whereby expression is developed in the strictly human races, beginning with the Lemurian stage, passing through the Atlantean and the Aryan, and so on through the two final races upon our planet in this world cycle.
In connection with individualization
the following points should be remembered:
1.  Individualization upon the moon chain took place in the fifth race of the third round
2.  In Lemurian days, individualization took place because it was the third root race and the fourth round.
3.  In Atlantis, the door of initiation opened, and forced initiation became the objective of the best of the human family. Those who could or can thus become initiate are the "lights which ever radiate." In Lemurian days it was the "lights which ever burn" that came into being.
4.  In our race we find the "lights which ever shine." This is the individualization of the sixth race types who came in in the second round
. EP2 210.
The second Ray of Love-Wisdom leads from love or divine desire in the second race to full intuitional understanding in the sixth race... the sanctified and free devotion of one-pointedness in the next or sixth race EP1 318. 
JC: It is said in the secret doctrine that it was back in the second root race that the first and latent germ of mind, also sometimes called a spark, was implanted by Asuras and the Kumaras, so I think this might be considered also. Further more let us note the above from DK who makes the incredible statement of fact concerning our more advanced Initiates and Masters. They are today the sixth race types in consciousness and are the highly advanced human Hierarchy of Initiates and forerunners of the sixth race... "the Buddha of the Sixth Race"SD3. ... "The Sixth Race will have the perfection of form with the highest intelligence and spirituality."SD3. "Our Lord Buddha -- a 6th r. man
" KH Letters.
Now let us digest for a moment that according to TCF and SD Lord Buddha is a sixth round
man or equivalent to the level of achievement that humanity will generally accomplish in the sixth round in acquired consciousness here on Earth. Plato was a fifth round man as are all fifth degree Masters and also possibly some of those soon to take this 5th Initiation in this 4th round. It indicates that the Buddha has taken the first part of the dual seventh Initiation and has fully mastered the sixth plane of the Solar System and is in process of obtaining control of the seventh. 
It carries with it the capacity to have full conscious control on the seven planes of the solar system, and covers that period of development which is undergone in a planetary chain during the fourth, fifth, and sixth rounds
. TCF 290.
In the sixth Round of the present chain of the Earth scheme, the sixth law will demonstrate with great clarity and force, as love shown in brotherhood, love translated or transmuted from the astral to the buddhic. So in the sixth root-race and the sixth subrace a similar analogy will be seen. TCF 595.
Plato and Confucius were fifth round men and our Lord a sixth round man (the mystery of his avatar is spoken of in my forthcoming letter) and not even Gautama Buddha's son was anything but a fourth round man. KH Letters.  
The United States fulfils the same office for the sixth or coming subrace, which is the germ race for the future sixth great race, whilst Brazil will function as the leading division of the great sixth race. These three races embody the attractive cohesive aspect of the second ray, and will demonstrate it through wisdom and wise government, based on idealism and love. The United States will therefore represent a fusion of races, with the Anglo-Saxon element dominating. Brazil will later represent the best of that which the Latin races have eventually to give. This presented fusion will be considered from the angle of the ray types and the basic unfolding principles, and not from the angle of culture and civilization
. EP1 387. 
The statement that the great Kumara or the One Initiator came to this planet from Venus is true in so far as it embodies the fact that He came to this dense planet (the fourth) in the fourth chain from that chain in our scheme which is called the 'Venus' chain, and which is the second chain. He came via the second globe in our chain; His scarcely felt vibration was sensed (occultly) in the second round, but only in the third root-race of the fourth round did conditions permit of His physical incarnation and of His coming as the Avatar. EA 687.


4 April 2009.

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