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Esoteric Philosophy: Study of the Endless Path of Wisdom

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The Honey Bee
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"It was to the effect that germs of Wheat were transferred from Venus to the Earth by means of light pressure". Theogenesis. FLD. Master Hilarion.

In 1995, researchers at California Polytechnic State University reported reviving Bacillus bacteria spores from the gut of a bee stuck in amber. The bee was estimated to be 25 million to 30 million years old.

JC: I might add that this is a highly ponderable question is it not? I cannot do more than examine the teachings of the temple lesson and see what we can ascertain...05/02/2010. I have just watched the trailer for "Vanishing of the Bees," an upcoming documentary. Very interesting and compassionately filmed and discussed indeed. So glad you are seeing an increase, lets hope this continues. I love watching bees in the lavender flowers. They seem so focused yet relaxed in what they are doing.

In the larger scheme though, yes perhaps they are under stress. Something is up I guess. Perhaps a higher race of bees will come in, yet why would they want industrial level work? Perhaps we will figure about a more sustainable and ecological way to live with them. That goes for our environment in general of course. 21/8/10.

Link provided by Mindy. A neighbor and I had been discussing the transfer from Venus. She called yesterday to say she had Animal Planet on TV. The show was explaining that some life forms came from other planets and said the bee was probably transported to Earth on an asteroid. I found it interesting that a TV show even broached the idea. Apparently science believes bees weren't an original earthly lifeform or it would not have been mentioned on the show.

This question came from the reading for History of Humanity but is more of a science question than one of history, I think - it all ties together in the end.

In the reading from the Sacred Texts web pages on Lemuria is the line, "The one animal form whose type has not been evolved on our chain of worlds is that of the bee. It, too, was brought from Venus." ( )

Since the honey bee and its apparently dimishing numbers have been in the news for the past several years, I'm curious if there is any explanation or speculation that involves their supposed origination from Venus. Any astrological theories or theories that involve our relationship with Venus? I've leaned toward the idea of bees being repulsed or dismantled by some of the sounds or frequencies with which we fill the air, but there are usually layers to any event or theory.

From what I've seen the past couple of summers, the bumble bees are much smaller than they had been but I've not seen any mention of them in any science write-ups or news. Mindy.

JC: First consideration, Great thoughts indeed. Let us ask if this is the only reference to the bee in an esoteric text. We can see that it is not and has been briefly spoken of by C.W. Leadbeater. This is an important point because we do know that he was in DK's ashram and brought some of his teachings from that ashram being part of the teachings of Master DK although he was said by DK to have materialised it to much, or something like it.

There is no direct connection with the Hilarion reference and DK though. We do not make that connection! Arthur Powel considers it also though he was a compiler of the work of CWL I think.

If we examine the CWL quote we can at least gain something. Leadbeater explains that Wheat, Bees and Ants were brought from Venus to Earth by the lords of the flame, some twenty one million years ago perhaps. This is verified by Master Hilarion regarding Bees and Wheat. Interestingly the method of light pressure is mentioned.

I conclude that the etheric blue print pattern for these forms were transferred by what we know today to be some kind of light laser beam. I have read an inference to this else-wear along time ago but cannot recall where I read it.

I cannot verify the validity of this but I would suggest that we hold it as a reasonable hypothesis. Hilarion also speaks of a ‘swarm of bees’ as being a ‘race’ of bees. When bees swarm they certainly are a phenomena and could be seen as a minute race ensouled by an elemental of a "higher class".

Could we be witnessing a dying out of sub races of bees or family races of bees to be later replaced by a higher evolved root race. I don’t know, and I surmise of course. DK speaks of ants and bee’s as "those miraculously developed organisms".

Leadbeater also continues by speaking of Atlantean experiments which crossed the bee and produced wasps and some similar experiment with ants. Cross pollination in the negative etc is spoken of by Helena Roerich. The decimation of bees is apparently spoken of back in recent history of 1896. The malpractice of this was also discussed. Mankind has certainly used the bee in a very commercial way along with all manner of pesticides and stresses. This could play its part on the bees. Once again, thank you for addressing this. Thank you also for bringing my attention to the reference of W. Scott-Elliot from Sacred Texts.

"This cultivation carried on through the vast ages which have since elapsed has resulted in the evolution of the various cereals which we now possess--barley, oats, maize, millet, etc. But an exception must here be noted. Wheat was not evolved upon this planet like the other cereals. It was a gift of the divine beings who brought it from Venus ready for the food of man. Nor was wheat their only gift. The one animal form whose type has not been evolved on our chain of worlds is that of the bee. It, too, was brought from Venus." The Lost Lemuria. by W. Scott-Elliot. [1904].Annie Besent and C W Leadbeater were claimed the collaborators and original investigators and compilers making possible the work of Elliot as researcher and secretary.

JC: The 'Story of Atlantis' 1896 is inferred by TPH Twighlight Archive to be attributed to Leadbeater and as "usually attributed to W Scott-Elliot". Man Whence Whither was published 1913 eight years after Elliot though we should note that of the two, Leadbeater is the only one mentioned repeatedly by the Tibetan Master DK. Considering DK' discussion on one point this in itself is notable. The following should clarify.

"In this year co-worker and friend Annie Besant also developed clairvoyance and joined Leadbeater in this work. In a letter dated August 25, 1895, Leadbeater wrote to Francisca Arundale, George's aunt, and narrated how Mrs. Besant became clairvoyant. This letter is now on-line and can be read by clicking here. Starting in 1895, they made "...occult investigations together into the cosmos, the beginnings of mankind, chemistry and the constitution of the elements, as well as frequently visiting the Masters together in their astral bodies." [16]

"Also about this time, apparently at the request of London investment banker, amateur anthropologist and theosophist William Scott-Elliot, Leadbeater began to clairvoyantly investigate the lost civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria. These investigations were eventually published together in 1925 as The Story of Atlantis and the Lost Lemuria, which included large fold-out maps of great detail. William Scott-Elliot did the scholarly research and was the secretary for the project, but was listed as the sole author, which indicates that Leadbeater was not possessive about his clairvoyant findings—they were for the benefit of humanity. Leadbeater would spend the rest of his life in daily clairvoyant observation, and in publishing the results of those observations.

"One of the Master teachers of the Occult sciences has said that Wheat, the most perfect form of food known to man, was brought to Earth from the planet Venus. In one of the temple teachings given by the Master Hilarion the manner of its transportation is given. Briefly, it was to the effect that germs of Wheat were transferred from Venus to the Earth by means of light pressure". Theo genesis. FLD. Master Hilarion.

"The rays of sunshine, sent through coloured glass, were used for promoting the growth of plants and animals; scientific breeding was carefully carried out for the improvement of promising species; experiments were tried in crossing -- e.g., the crossing of wheat with various grasses produced different kinds of grain; less satisfactory were the attempts which produced wasps from bees; and white ants from ants.1 ( Wheat, bees and ants were brought from Venus by the Lords of the Flame, and the crossing of these with species already existing on the earth brought about the results named." Man Whence Whither. CWL. AB.

"Both bees and ants [which together with wheat, were brought from Venus by the Lords of the Flame] live in a manner quite different from purely terrestrial creatures, in that with them a Group-Soul animates the entire ant or bee community, so that the community acts with a single will, and its different units are actually members of one body, in the sense in which hands and feet are members of the human frame. It might indeed be said of them that they have not only a Group-Soul, but a group-body also." The Causal Body. Arthur E. Powell

"As "like breeds like", the germs that reproduce their kind . by fissure or division, multiply almost indefinitely the original germ brought into existence by an Elemental which ensouls all that one class of germs, as an Elemental of a higher class ensouls a swarm of bees, or race of other minute creations." TEACHINGS OF THE TEMPLEI. Master Hilarion.

"Astral Consciousness (Page 558) That of some plants (e.g., sensitive) of ants, spiders, and some night-flies (Indian), but not of bees." SDIII. HPB.

"The entire problem of magnetism is closely connected with the problem of sex. In the occult study of the dissemination of the seed life and the germs of the vegetable kingdom, and in the understanding of the part played therein by those miraculously developed organisms, - the ants and bees - and later in the investigation of the work of the etheric builders, the elves and fairies, by those with awakened vision, will come a new light upon sex and upon the function it serves in the interrelation of lives and the creation of forms. With this aspect of this deeply esoteric truth I cannot here deal, for it is the effect of activity in the solar lives of the solar system, and with these we cannot concern ourselves". EP1 245.

"The vegetable kingdom has the quality of attractiveness expressed in color and its liberation or its highest form of activity is demonstrated by the perfume of its highest forms of life.. "……The perfume is connected with its sex life which has group purpose and call to its aid the initiating wind and the insect world. The very nature of perfume its purpose and intent is to affect the agencies which will produce the continuity of life of the vegetable kingdom". EP1 197.

JC: There is no question of the highly important process and place the Bee has in the scheme of things and as DK discusses, the wind carries, and aids the pollens, and the bees to carry out the pollination process. This process is how the vegetable kingdom functions in its sex process, thus enabling the flowers, vegetables and foliage to bear fruit, flower or blossom, and find liberation or release of its positive spirit nature via perfume or radioactivity. The perfume also attracts the bees etc to continue pollination and its life cycle process. The wind is thus 'initiatory'.

The flowers for instance respond to the animal kingdom, in this instance the Bees. The fruit of the vegetable kingdom is responsive to the higher animal kingdom and so the two co-exist as the lower consciousness transmutes to the higher consciousness or stronger magnetic centre. This is analogous to the human kingdom responding to the stronger magnetic centre of the spiritual hierarchy.


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