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Esoteric Philosophy: Study of the Endless Path of Wisdom

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Roman history
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Buddhist Doctrine

Is history fair? It depends on which historical account of events we read or come to know. There are many versions to history.

JC: Is history fair? It depends on which historical account of events we read or come to know. There are many versions to history. The truest record of historical events are probably given to us in the ageless wisdom. DK does not speak to highly of the Roman empire as it ultimately descended into what was earlier atlantean mischievousness and wickedness.

The Caesar' were dictators appointed to promulgate war and occupation and Nero probably an earlier incarnation of Bismark, a black lodge avatar. The early republic of the few elect had a form of democracy and oligarchy that did strive for lawfulness. Fair council being the aim and yet this was spoiled by those corrupt and thirsty for power.

The United Kingdom was the result of the British Empire which being an hierarchical experiment served to nurture rather than destroy other civilisations and countries. Probably it is the case that this served to karmicly offset the ultimate conquering and submitting of the people of many lands to Roman rule, which sought no end other than perpetual servitude and plundering of natural wealth and populace.

The population of the UK was largely of reincarnated Romans as DK tells us. Many of these people founded the USA and they still have a senate and a republic. Much is working out in the United States that worked out in ancient Rome though of course I don't mean its decline. Notice how DK refers to those 'decadent days of the Roman Empire' and HPB its "moral dissolution".

The Republic in its greatest political sense was another story in most instances. Today history makes the distinction between these two aspects of Rome. Both the Christ and Apollonius came to the Romans due to their deviations from the spiritual path expressed by DK as lawlessness and wickedness.

The Romans of course brought useful agricultural methods, sewerage and water systems plus many other basic systems of human usefulness. These were carried over from atlantean times as the race had such a strong psychic recall and memory of their earlier heritage. This was again exemplified by the Italians and Mussolini in the attempt to restore the ancient glory of Rome. The second ray soul relation between Rome, the UK and US brings thus such a relationship to account for much.

"The Roman Empire: Men only lived and breathed in order to be in possession of the utmost luxury and of a very plethora of things and of material goods. They were smothered by desire and plagued by the dream of never dying but of living on and on, acquiring more and more of all that they desired." EH 232.

See also compilation of the Roman Empire.

23 July 2010